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January update
27 Jan. 2011 17:57

There were a lot of new releases at the end of last year and allready a few this year.

New books came out in
Hungary, Slovenia, Romania

I added further the latest publications in

and found more French covers

I made some changes also. Now you can allready enlarge some of the images and therefor enjoy more details. More will follow.


Carmen(FM) (2051 Posts)
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new in September
10 Sep. 2010 21:44

There is of course the long awaited Graphic Novel - The Exile

the French and the second part of Italian editon of An Echo in the Bone


and a new Polish edition of Voyager

Hmm, I am not sure what I think of that cover, definitive like the new cover of OBCA more.

And here is the latest addition from Germany

Are you with me that this is a beautiful cover?

Edited by Carmen(FM) on 15.Sep.2010 20:17

Carmen(FM) (2051 Posts)
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August releases
07 Aug. 2010 20:49

There are two of them - the Swedish and the Finish edition of An Echo in the Bone.

Som ett eko is just the Swedish version of the US cover whereas the cover of luiden kaiku is as unique as ever:

I confess, I had my difficultes with the first Finish cover but with each new one I liked then more. Now they are my favorites. For one they are truely unique ones and on the other hand they all illustrate some aspects of the books.

What do you think? Which one do you like most?

Carmen(FM) (2051 Posts)
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New books in July
30 Jul. 2010 15:36

Well, there weren‘t any new books as far as I know of.
Only the Polish publischer Świat Książki did a reissue of Uwięziona w bursztynie (Dragonfly in Amber) and the second part of Tchnienie śniegu i popiołu (A Breath of Snow and Ashes)

What do you think of this cover?

Carmen(FM) (2051 Posts)
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Outlander is now available in Portugal and Czechia!
14 Jun. 2010 18:12

This is the completest collection I ever had since I began my search for Diana Gabaldon‘s books.
Well, the audiobooks are still missing, but it‘s not urgent since the covers are mostly the same as the books‘. I will do it asap.

Now, what is new?

Spanish publisher Salamandra did a whole new set of covers for the first five books.

Polish publisher Świat Książki is bringing out book one to seven in a matching design and has already released a new paperback edition of Outlander. Dragonfly in Amber is coming next.

Does anyone know what the sign read? I think it is Latin.

Italian publisher Corbaccio will release the first part of An Echo in the Bone later this month

And TEA, the Italian publisher who does the paperbacks is now up to A Breath of Snow and Ashes part 2.

The Turkish publisher has changed, and the new publisher, Epsilon, has not only done a new translation, but the covers now match the American jeweltoned ones. Out are Outlander and Dragonfly in Amber.

Nas Asas do Tempo (Outlander) by Casa das Letras is not the first edition in Portuguese, but the first Portuguese edition

Also new is the first Czech edition by publisher Plejáda

Look at the Ring!

Japanese publisher Villagebooks has published A Breath of Snow and Ashes in four volumes and the second Lord John book

For more new covers just browse the gallery and enjoy!


Carmen(FM) (2051 Posts)
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